In the aftermath of the Oct. 1, 1993 kidnap and murder of his twelve-year-old daughter Polly, Marc Klaas gave up his lucrative rental car franchise to pursue an aggressive child safety agenda. In 2001, Mr. Klaas cofounded BeyondMissing, Inc., a federally funded California public benefit non-profit corporation that provides America's law enforcement community with a free and secure website to easily and swiftly create and distribute missing child flyers. Working with Texas Governor Perry's staff, BeyondMissing, Inc. created an Amber Alert application unsurpassed in efficiency, speed and dependability.

Through federal and state legislative efforts, Mr. Klaas promotes prevention programs for at-risk youth and stronger sentencing for violent criminals. Often times this advocacy takes the form of legislative testimony. Mr. Klaas travels extensively through the United States facilitating town-hall meetings, encouraging innovative solutions to positively impact the crime, abuse and neglect that plague children in so many of our communities. He also counsels and advises families of kidnapped children. Besides his duties as president of the KlaasKids Foundation and volunteer president of BeyondMissing, Inc. Mr. Klaas also sits on the advisory boards of the Center for the Community Interest, Fight Crime Invest in Kids and the National Children's Advocacy Center.


Born and raised in the small community of Ross, Tracy McLaughlin graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She went on to do graduate work in television broadcasting at Stanford University. Tracy worked for 8 years as a report/anchor for various NBC affiliates around the country. Tracy was licensed to practice real estate in 1996 and specializes in selling homes throughout Marin County. Tracy has three children, and is a very active, visible member of the community. She has been very involved in the Ross School, serving on the school’s foundation for four years, and chairing the annual Patron Party for the Garden Tour.

Tracy has a longstanding history of giving back. She focuses on charities that directly benefit the local community, including Marin Adopt A Family, The Marin Work Force Housing, and many local schools, sports teams and other foundations. Tracy will be donating a part of every real estate commission to the Klaas Family Housing fund.